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Problem Areas: Meet Your Match

Most people have target areas on their body that they would like to address and make more attractive. These areas usually have stubborn deposits of fat that you can’t seem to conquer through exercise and diet.

That’s when you should consider CoolSculpting at Transformations Plastic Surgery in Rockford, Illinois. While many of our patients turn to liposuction to reduce fat, others want to lose fat without having an invasive procedure that carries recovery time.

If dieting and working out lead you to lose unwanted fat – but those stubborn fatty areas return again and again – there is another way to ensure they stay away for good. CoolSculpting is a great nonsurgical method to slim down.

What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting got its name because it tackles troublesome fat deposits by freezing them. This technique kills fat cells that cause deposits. Basically, as time goes by, the body then gradually eliminates these cells on its own.

Research has revealed that extreme cold leads to improved and more attractive body contours. Medically, the process is known as cryolipolysis.

Another benefit of CoolSculpting is that it can be used to fight extra fat on nearly every part of your body.

CoolSculpting How it Works

CoolSculpting employs an applicator devise which is connected to a hose. Cold air flows through this hose and into the applicator, which is then able to freeze unwanted fat cells. To protect the patient’s skin, a gel pad is used during this procedure and covers the area that will be treated.

Most patients start to feel the cold begin to work after just several minutes. This can lead some people to experience aching, cramping or a tingling sensation. These are normal reactions and disappear quickly as the area being treated becomes numb.

At Transformations, we work hard to ensure our patients are as comfortable as possible, and most say CoolSculpting is not painful.

Treatment sessions typically take around an hour. After your treatment is over, we’ll massage the treated area to help encourage blood flow.

The Results

Fat cells will freeze and then crystallize. After about two months, fat cells may progressively dissipate. After these fat cells have been processed, your body’s immune system will use enzymes to remove them.

If you do gain weight down the road after CoolSculpting treatment, the new fat cells will appear in parts of your body that were not treated.

If you want to lose fat, and exercise and diet have failed, CoolSculpting may finally allow you to win the battle! Contact Transformations Plastic Surgery today to schedule your CoolSculpting consultation.

All patient results may vary. CoolSculpting is performed for cosmetic purposes only. All patients are different and in no way will any procedure nor their recovery be alike for everyone.