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An Unexpected Transformation

If you have a so-called “weak” chin and want to take steps to improve your appearance, chin augmentation surgery can be a great way to strengthen your look.

All patient results may vary. Chin augmentation is performed for cosmetic purposes only. All patients are different and in no way will any procedure nor their recovery be alike for everyone.

How Chin Augmentation Works

To bolster the chin’s appearance, Dr. Pryor will make an incision in the crease line just below your chin, or inside your mouth in the area where the gum and lower lip come together. After carefully stretching tissue, the doctor will create a space where a chin implant can be added.

Typically, implants are synthetic material designed to feel just like your natural tissue. Implants come in different sizes so each individual patient can receive customized implants designed specifically for their needs.

After the implant is in place, fine sutures are used to close the incision. No scarring is visible if incisions are inside your mouth. If incisions are made under your chin, there will be scarring – but it’s so slight that it is hardly noticeable to others. Some patients opt for chin reduction surgery. In this procedure, incisions also are made in the mouth or under your chin. Doctor Pryor can then sculpt bone to a size that is more aesthetically pleasing.

There are a number of surgical techniques to improve the appearance of your chin. At Transformations Plastic Surgery, Dr. Pryor consults with patients individually to review their medical history and discuss their aesthetic goals and needs.

What to Expect Post-Surgery

Right after surgery, most patients typically will receive a dressing that should be worn for several days. This helps protect the treated area.

Most patients will experience some tenderness and minor pain after surgery. Doctor Pryor can help you deal with any post-op discomfort with prescription pain relievers, and he can offer other pain relief techniques.

Most patients will be unable to chew normally right after surgery, so a liquid diet or one featuring soft foods will be needed in the days after your procedure.

Many patients report they feel a tight sensation after chin surgery, but this usually fades in about a week. After about six weeks, most patients will find that their swelling has disappeared and they begin to truly experience the positive results of their surgery.

Rigorous exercise or other strenuous activity is likely to be prohibited for several weeks after your chin surgery. Most patients can return to their normal routines after about 10 days.

Chin augmentation surgery allows you to rejuvenate and improve your appearance and helps restore self- confidence.

The shape of your chin can have a dramatic impact on your overall facial appearance. And improving your chin’s shape can improve your overall appearance.