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Restoring a Natural Breast + Nipple Appearance

At Transformations Plastic Surgery in Rockford, Illinois, Dr. Landon Pryor can perform nipple reconstruction to make your breast reconstruction complete and leave your body looking more natural and appealing. For more information on nipple reconstruction, or to schedule an appointment, contact Transformations Plastic Surgery today. Doctor Pryor specializes in breast and nipple reconstruction and will help you select the safest and most effective procedure for you.

Breast reconstruction surgery can restore shape and volume following mastectomy, but in many cases the new breast remains without the nipple and areola.

Areola grafting typically can be done simultaneously with skin flap nipple reconstruction, or grafting can be done during a separate procedure.

Tattooing is a common procedure to complete reconstruction because it promotes a natural-looking color on the nipple and areola. This procedure typically can be done on an out-patient basis.

Benefits and Risks

Nipple areola reconstruction has long been considered safe, simple and carrying little risk. Some patients may encounter issues where local skin flaps are pieced together to build the new nipple. But these issues typically can be taken care of and corrected.

For the most part, patients with a history of radiation treatment are typically more likely to have complications during healing. These patients may want to have nipple areola tattooing rather than a surgical nipple reconstruction. But our experience at Transformations Plastic Surgery has been that the benefits of nipple reconstruction far outweigh the risks.

Doctor Pryor will discuss your procedure with you in detail and together you will choose a nipple reconstruction procedure that fits your aesthetic needs.

Breast reconstruction has helped countless women who have undergone mastectomy to regain self-confidence after breast cancer and feel whole again.

Nipple reconstruction and areola improvements are needed to properly finish reconstruction for greater attractiveness and natural-looking results.

Am I A Candidate?

Nearly all patients who have undergone post-mastectomy breast reconstruction are good candidates for nipple areola reconstruction.

Some women may have thin or damaged breast skin, and thus may not be suitable candidates for nipple areola reconstruction. But if your skin does not lend itself to nipple reconstruction surgery, tattooing is an effective alternative to regain a natural look.

Breast reconstruction can be a life-changing procedure for those who have undergone breast cancer surgery. To learn how Dr. Pryor can restore your breasts and nipples, contact Transformations Plastic Surgery today.