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A Naturally Full Head of Hair

The follicles that create hair strands become less productive as we age, causing the hair on our head to thin and eventually fall out. For those who are predisposed to hair loss, there are tricks like combovers that can temporarily cover it up, but those don’t address the root of the problem. Solutions like hair transplants can be more effective fixes for these concerns but many men and women consider them to be too long and uncomfortable to be considered as an option.

Transformations Plastic Surgery—Located in Rockford, Illinois—is proud to provide Neograft®, a minimally invasive hair transplant treatment that may prove those preconceptions to be false.

If balding is a cosmetic concern that you’ve been meaning to address, contact our office in Rockford, ask about Neograft®, and find out if it could help you to sprout a new, healthy head of hair.

Am I Candidate For Neograft®?

Neograft® should be a viable option for most healthy men and women seeking a minimally invasive treatment for hair loss. However, in order to truly verify candidacy we will need to meet with you for a consultation. During this consultation a practitioner will sit down with you to discuss your medical history as well as your goals for the treatment. If the practitioner finds something that makes the procedure less than ideal for you as a patient, they will discuss alternatives.

Make the first step to discovering the potential benefits of Neograft® and contact us in Rockford! We look forward to answering whatever questions you may still have about the treatment and to hopefully helping you forward with your aesthetic goals.

Why Choose Neograft®?

Neograft® is minimally invasive and avoids the use of the traditional method of strip grafting. In strip grafting, a scalpel is used to cut off a section of the scalp so that it can be used as a source of follicles for the grafting process. This method can end up causing linear scarring across the scalp that might have to be dealt with later through other treatments. By using Follicular Unit Extraction over Strip Grafting, Neograft® greatly lessens the risk of causing scarring. Neograft® has the potential to be a safer, quicker, and more comfortable alternative to invasive methods of treating hair loss.