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Have you begun to develop excess tissue in your chest area? You may have a condition called gynecomastia. While gynecomastia is not a medically threatening condition, it can be emotionally difficult for many of the men affected by it. If you’re tired of your gynecomastia getting in the way of your well-being, we can help.

At Transformations Plastic Surgery, our physicians can both diagnose and treat cases of gynecomastia. If you’d like more information about this condition or are interested in scheduling a consultation appointment for treatment, contact our Rockford office today.

What Causes this Condition?

In many cases, gynecomastia is triggered by changes in the levels of estrogen and testosterone in the body that naturally occur with age. These fluctuations in hormone levels are most common during infancy, puberty, and middle/old age.

Hormone levels can also be impacted by drug and alcohol use and the consumption of certain medications, including:

  • Antibiotics
  • Anti-anxiety drugs
  • Heart medications
  • AIDS treatments
  • Certain antidepressants
  • Chemotherapy
  • Heartburn medications

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How can we Help?

In many cases, gynecomastia is caused by the natural fluctuation of hormones that occur throughout different times in a man’s life. However, some cases of this condition are triggered by external factors. Before beginning any treatment for your case of gynecomastia, a member of our medical staff will ask you about the medications you are currently taking, as well as your alcohol consumption and drug use. If we suspect that your case of gynecomastia is caused by any of these external factors, a member of our medical may ask you to discontinue the use the offending medication or substance.

If your gynecomastia does not subside on its own and is not caused by any external factors, Transformations Plastic Surgery can provide you with the medication or surgery you need to eliminate this excess tissue from your chest area.

Don’t let gynecomastia hold you back — if you’re looking for a solution to your condition, contact our Rockford, Illinois office today to schedule a consultation for treatment. We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you obtain a sleek, masculine physique.