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At Transformations Plastic Surgery, we are always looking for the latest techniques and treatments to restore health and beauty to your skin. With our PRP Micro-needling Facial, we utilize the exfoliating qualities of micro-needling with the regenerative capability of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to provide optimal skin rejuvenation.

Located in Rockford, Illinois, Transformations Plastic Surgery is led by plastic surgeon Dr. Landon Pryor. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out how a PRP Micro-needling Facial can benefit your skin.

Eclipse MicroPen Micro-Needling

Consisting of several tiny needles in a sterile treatment tip, the Eclipse MicroPen is one of the most popular micro-needling devices in the cosmetic industry. As the device is moved over the skin by our medical team, the needles create microchannels in the skin that are invisible to the naked eye and stimulate the body’s natural healing process.

One of the least invasive methods of skin rejuvenation, micro-needling also stimulates the production of new collagen fibers to help tighten and smooth the skin. Micro-needling is a quick, painless treatment that is easy to fit into any busy schedule.


Utilized in several areas of medicine, PRP has been shown to help naturally regenerate new body tissue and aid in healing. When spread topically on the skin, PRP is absorbed and can help generate new skin and tissues for improved texture. PRP can also help improve blood circulation to restore a youthful glow to dull skin.

Prior to treatment, a small sample of blood is taken from the patient and spun through a sterile centrifuge process, separating the blood into its separate components and infusing the liquid portion, or plasma, with platelets. While platelets have the primary responsibility of clotting the blood, they also contain several growth factors.

Why Choose the PRP Micro-needling Facial at Transformations Plastic Surgery?

After opening up and gently exfoliating your skin with the Eclipse MicroPen micro-needling treatment, the skin can absorb and utilize the PRP much more effectively. By combining these two treatments, our medical team can help revitalize your skin while also optimizing the healing process to promote long-lasting, natural results.

While the PRP Micro-needling Facial can help restore a more youthful appearance to aging or damaged skin, the skin may need regular maintenance in order to maintain your results. Our medical team will create a treatment plan for you based on your individual skincare needs.