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Refresh and Revitalize

At Transformations Plastic Surgery in Rockford, Illinois, we offer Belotero Balance treatments that will refresh and revitalize your look safely and effectively. To learn more about Belotero Balance, or to schedule an appointment, contact Transformations Plastic Surgery today.

Belotero Balance gained federal approval in 2012 and has been growing in popularity with patients and doctors ever since.

If you want to gain a fresh, younger look by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, treatment with Belotero Balance may be for you.

What is Belotero Balance?

Belotero Balance includes hyaluronic acid. This is a natural substance used to hydrate the skin and enhance its volume.

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Am I A Candidate For Belotero Balance Treatment?

Belotero Balance is ideal for people who want to reduce the signs of aging, including crow’s feet, lip lines and other facial lines. Areas of the neck also can be treated with Belotero Balance.

Patients who suffer from acne scarring can also benefit from this treatment. And Belotero is a good method to treat wrinkles and folds that often appear between your nose and the corners of your mouth.

What Results Can I Expect?

You will see positive results immediately. Results typically last anywhere from six to nine months.

Transformations Plastic Surgery offers patients follow-up treatments as well to gain the best results. Our medical team will consult with you to develop the treatment regimen that’s best for your needs.

How Does Belotero Balance Feel When Injected?

Most patients will not feel Belotero under their skin.

Before Treatment

Patients who undergo Belotero treatment should not take aspirin or NSAID pain relievers for a week prior to treatment. This helps reduce potential bleeding or bruising at the site of your injection.

Our medical team at Transformations will review your pre-treatment requirements during your consultation.

The Recovery

Immediately after Belotero Balance treatment, most patients should expect to experience a bit of redness, tenderness, swelling and itching near the treated area. This is a normal reaction and these issues will disappear within a few days.

We find that most patients have no bruising, but it does happen on occasion. Ice treatment for bruising can help reduce pain or swelling during the first day after treatment if these issues occur.

Post Treatment

It is advised that for one day after Belotero Balance treatment that you try to avoid any:

  • Strenuous activity.
  • Overexposure to heat or the sun.
  • Aspirin and NSAID pain relievers.
  • Alcoholic drinks.

Exposure to these can lead to redness and swelling of treated areas. If you are young at heart and want how you feel on the inside to be reflected in your outward appearance, reducing lines and wrinkles is one way to achieve this goal.