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Renew Skin Tone

When it comes to renewing skin tone and texture and removing scars and stretch marks from the skin, at Transformations Plastic Surgery we utilize the Cynosure® Icon system to perform multiple treatments with one state-of-the-art machine. Our Icon™ laser system offers safe and effective treatment with minimal to no downtime.

Located in Rockford, Illinois, Transformations Plastic Surgery is led by Dr. Landon Pryor. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out how we can improve the look and feel of your skin with the multi-purpose Icon laser system.

Skin Renewal

Using the 1540 fractional laser handpiece, our medical team treats a small area of skin at a time, creating microchannels in the skin that stimulate its natural healing response and promote the production of new collagen for subtle, continued improvement.

Scar Removal

Fractional laser technology is also effective at breaking down scar tissue and stimulating the production of new, healthy skin cells.

Stretch Mark Removal

The pulsed energy delivered by the Icon fractional laser system targets the discoloration of stretch marks and produces new collagen for long-lasting skin enhancement over time.

We also offer the MaxG application for this system, which can help target vascular and pigmented skin imperfections. These treatment options can be discussed during your consultation.

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Am I a Good Candidate

During your consultation with Dr. Pryor and our medical team, factors such as your health, medical history, treatment expectations and aesthetic concerns will be evaluated to determine if Icon laser treatments can provide the most direct benefit to your skin.

Contact Transformations Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation and find out how the Icon™ laser system can improve the look and feel of your skin with no surgery or downtime.

Is There Any Recovery Time?

As fractional laser energy only treats a small area of the skin at a time, these treatments require significantly less downtime than other skin therapies. After treatment, the skin may develop a flushed or red appearance akin to a sunburn, which should subside within the first few days as the skin begins to heal itself. The Icon™ system has built-in safety features to prevent the skin from overheating and cooling technology for increased patient comfort.