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Naturally Full. Beautifully Defined.

Lip augmentation can be achieved through injections or surgery. At Transformations Plastic Surgery in Rockford, Illinois, Dr. Landon Pryor will meet with you one-on-one to determine which lip augmentation procedure is best for you. To learn more about lip augmentation or to schedule an appointment, contact Transformations Plastic Surgery today.

If you are unhappy with your thin lips and want to make them fuller and more attractive, Transformations Plastic Surgery offers a variety of treatments and procedures to give you the full look you want.

Some people have naturally thin lips. Others see their lips thin as they get older. But there are methods to correct thin lips, including injections that use fillers to plump lips, lip implants and other surgical treatments.

Am I A Candidate?

You likely will benefit from lip augmentation if:

  • You want to plump your lips for a fuller look.
  • When you smile, one or both of your lips disappear.
  • You have lips that are uneven.
  • Your gums show when you smile.

At Transformations Plastic Surgery, your consultation with Dr. Pryor will include a review of your medical history and a frank discussion of your aesthetic goals. This helps us select the lip augmentation procedure that is best for you.

Your lip augmentation options?

Fat Transfer Injections

This technique transfers excess fat from other parts of your body to your lips via liposuction and injection.


This is an injection treatment that uses natural or synthetic material to achieve fuller lips. Results are temporary and follow-up treatments are recommended.


This is permanent lip augmentation. There are a number of surgical options available and Dr. Pryor will help you decide which procedure is best for you.

Lip implants are another option. Lip lifts can also be performed. There are a wide variety of options to enhance and improve the look and shape of your lips.

From fat and filler injections to dermal grafting and implants, patients with thin lips can make the improvements they want in a number of safe and effective ways.

If you are self-conscious about your thin lips and want to make a positive change, lip augmentation can help you achieve the look you want. Contact Transformations Plastic Surgery today to learn how we can help you get fuller, more attractive lips.