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A strong, striking profile is desirable and attractive. When someone has well-defined facial angles, it is often a face that attracts, and is remembered. When you don’t naturally possess these features, however, it can leave your face out of balance and lacking the facial harmony that is universally recognized as attractive.

Dr. Landon Pryor is proud to offer his patients facial implants to create facial balance and the striking features you crave.

What are the Types of Facial Implants?

Facial implants are used to create facial harmony and produce sculpted features. Facial implants may be used to create facial balance in the:

  • Chin
  • Jawline
  • Cheek
  • Orbital area beneath the eye
  • Temples

What Can I Expect During Facial Implant Surgery?

Most facial implant procedures can be performed in the comfort of our Rockford, Illinois offices under local anesthetic with IV sedation. In some instances, general anesthesia may be used. In most cases, the incisions for your implant will be made within the mouth, concealing any remaining scars from view. A small incision will be made to allow the implant to be positioned in the desired location. Dr. Pryor will create a pocket in which the facial implant will rest before placing the implant into its desired location. The incision will then be closed with sutures. Most facial implant procedures take between one and two hours.

What is the Recovery from Facial Implant Surgery Like?

As with any surgery, recovery time from facial implant surgery will vary from patient to patient. Since your incisions will be place inside your mouth, you will be given specific guidelines for your diet following facial implant surgery, and you may experience a temporary decrease in your range of motion when speaking or eating. You may be able to resume your normal activities ten to fourteen days following your procedure. It is important that you avoid any activities in which your face could be bumped or jarred for several weeks following your procedure.

How Will I Look Following Facial Implant Surgery?

You will experience some swelling and bruising following your facial implant procedure. Dr. Pryor can provide you with prescription pain medication to allow you to recover more comfortably. A cold compress may be applied to your face to aid in the reduction of swelling. While the majority of your swelling will subside within a few weeks, you will have residual swelling for a few months following facial implant surgery. As the months pass, you will see your new striking profile begin to emerge boosting your self-confidence in the process.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Landon Pryor?

Dr. Landon Pryor’s goal is to provide you with the individualized care you deserve in seeking facial implants. He will carefully listen to your vision for creating facial balance and advise you if a facial implant will allow you to achieve your goals. Once he understands your vision, he can help you to create a unique treatment plan designed to bring your vision to life. Dr. Pryor has extensive experience with facial implants and recognized as the best facial plastic surgeons in the Rockford, Illinois area. His combination of technical skill and his artistic eye for facial balance will allow him to bring you the striking results you seek.