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Redefining What it Means to Age Gracefully

At Illinois’ Transformations Plastic Surgery in Rockford, we offer our patients a variety of surgical techniques and cosmetic procedures to help them achieve their aesthetic goals. Facelifts are among the most popular and effective procedures we offer to make you look and feel years younger.

Patient privacy is one of our highest priorities. Please inquire at the time of your consultation about viewing our comprehensive photo book.

For generations, men and women have undergone facelifts to look younger, feel better and improve their confidence and self-esteem.

Improved medical techniques over the years means patients who undergo facelifts will look younger, but won’t acquire the frozen or unnatural look that past procedures produced.

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Is It Time For a Facelift?

You may be ready for a facelift at Transformations Plastic Surgery if:

  • Your face does not accurately reflect the young-at-heart spirit you carry inside.
  • Your aging appearance is hurting your personal life or career.
  • Your face is showing signs of aging, but you still have skin elasticity.
  • You want to look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside.

At Transformations Plastic Surgery, Dr. Pryor and his team will meet with you to review your medical history as well as your aesthetic goals. Often, facelifts are the answer you’ve been looking for. But some patients may come to realize they would benefit more from another procedure. At Transformations, we’ll help you select the procedure that best fits your needs and goals.

Some Benefits of Facelifts Include

  • Improving several facial areas in one surgery.
  • Results: Facelifts can last a decade or longer and shave 10 to 15 years off your appearance.
  • Creating a younger look for trouble spots that show your age, including your jawline and neck.

Typical Issues With Facelifts

  • Lines that run the corner of the mouth to the chin. These are often called marionette lines.
  • Sagging and a decrease in the muscle tone of the lower face, leaving a jowly look.
  • Double chins.
  • Saggy or creased neck skin.
  • Sagging skin in the middle of the face, or along the jawline.
  • Severe creases that run from the nose to the corners of the mouth. These are known as nasolabial folds.
  • Facial fat that falls or sags.

We find the best facelift patients are in good overall health and have a good attitude about cosmetic surgery and what it can, and can’t, achieve. Remember, facelifts are not a cure-all for aging. But they can drastically improve your appearance and help your self-esteem blossom.

After surgery, you can expect the skin on your neck and face to be firmer, smoother and fresh looking.

Recovery time from facelift surgery varies from patient to patient depending on their condition coming in and the type of surgery they have.

At Transformations Plastic Surgery, Dr. Pryor and our team will review your procedure with you from preparation all the way through to recovery. And feel free to contact us at any time with questions and concerns.

If you want your face to appear years younger and show the world the youthful spirit that lives inside you, contact Transformations Plastic Surgery today. Let us help you start your journey to a more youthful and vital look!