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How does a fat transfer work?

With a fat transfer, Dr. Pryor will remove unwanted fat from another area of your body – such as the thighs or buttocks. He will then inject the fat into any features that would benefit from added volume.

A fat transfer is an all-natural procedure that can enhance and smooth skin throughout your face and body, using your own fat as a filler.

What can fat transfer do for you?

Sculpt beautiful breasts

A modest increase in breast size can be accomplished with a fat transfer. In addition, this procedure is a popular approach for patients undergoing breast reconstruction following a mastectomy.

Enhance a flat buttock

If you want a full, lifted, or more athletic buttock, a fat transfer known as the Brazilian butt lift is available. This procedure creates a shapely backside without an implant.

Restore youthful hands

Because they are constantly exposed to the elements, the hands are one of the first features to show your age. If yours are wrinkled and marked by visible tendons and blood vessels, a fat transfer can restore your smooth, plump, and youthful skin.

Plump hollow facial features

A fat transfer is commonly used to revitalize an aging facial appearance. By transferring small amounts of fat to the face, Dr. Pryor can fill in hollow cheeks and eyes and restore youthful definition to your features.

The procedureWhat to expect during a fat transfer

Your fat transfer procedure can be done under local anesthesia. To begin, Dr. Pryor will perform gentle liposuction to remove unwanted fatty tissue. He will then cleanse the fat to remove excess liquid and impurities, before artfully injecting it into the treatment area.

Because some of the injected fat is reabsorbed by the body, most patients need three to four fat transfer treatments for ideal results. Once your sessions are complete, your skin can maintain its new, plump appearance for a few years.

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After surgery How to handle the recovery

After your fat transfer, you will need to get plenty of rest and take it easy for a few weeks. Here’s a quick look at what to expect as you recover and wait for your results to finalize:

  • Some post-surgical swelling is normal and may persist for several weeks. Once it resolves, your fat transfer results will be considered final.
  • You will be able to return to work and your normal daily routine within one to two weeks.
  • Most of our clients look and feel more like themselves about three weeks after surgery.

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A fat transfer with Dr. Landon Pryor is a highly customizable procedure that has the power to smooth and plump your problem areas.

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